Meet Tamara
As a child, I felt that the world around me was ignoring the things that mattered most: listening to the trees, the water, and the sky and creating meaningful relationships with the natural world. When I found myself in a World Religions Class in high school, it was like taking a long drink of fresh water after feeling parched and dehydrated.

I have always had intuitive or psychic abilities, but early on I was unsure how to utilize them to benefit myself and others. So I focused on the task of building a career and becoming self-sufficient. I studied illustration and design and became a freelance artist. But I quickly discovered that this was not my calling. I returned to school to complete a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and then entered a two-year training in Expressive Arts Therapy. There I was exposed to the magical processes of psychodrama, authentic movement, and the arts as a sacred vehicle of expression. Later, I received a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and have worked for many years as an art therapist. My clients have mostly been adult survivors of childhood trauma, including being part of a program exclusively for pregnant women and new mothers.

In 2012, I moved from British Columbia to Maine with my husband and our middle school-aged son and soon found myself involved in an intensive two-year program at an interfaith wisdom school called The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine. My internship involved working as a spiritual companion for individuals in hospice care. After completing my ordination as an interfaith chaplain, I felt ready to come out of the closet so to speak — to bring my intuitive gifts out into the world in a more refined way.

My next step took me to a space-clearing course by Denise Linn where I discovered that I could communicate reliably with energy and forces in the more hidden realms of reality. This led me to an intensive year long Shamanic Apprenticeship in Pownel ME where I received training a Shamanic practitioner and developed working relationships with compassionate spirit guides. In 2019 we returned to Canada, settling close to our roots in a beautiful small town in Ontario.

I am a devoted student of Tibetan Buddhism, which involves regular study and participation in  week-long silent retreats. As part of my commitment I have a daily meditation practice. I get recharged by being in relationship with the natural world.