Rituals provide a wonderful way for us to hold and honor significant events and passages along our journey, to express our gratitude, give thanks and to ask for assistance and healing. Ritual celebrates the momentous occurrences in our lives: marriage, the birth of a child, moving to a new home. Rituals also create a beautifully loving container for our sorrows; the loss of a loved one, the ending of a relationship or job, any experience that brings us heartache.

I work with my clients to create a personally meaningful and heartfelt ritual to honor a specific event or transition, or as a beginning to manifest new energy for a desired change. This process begins with an in-depth interview, followed by a check-in and consultation with my spirit guides to gather more information and ask for blessings. The ritual itself takes place a few days later and often includes some preparatory work to be done in advance by the client. The ritual can be a very private and intimate experience or one shared with family and friends.



Tamara’s natural propensity for this work is profound and her relationship with her spirit guides is so powerful, it’s remarkable.
— Carin S

When I think about our experience working with Tamara there are three descriptors that come to mind: calm, ever present, and lovingly kind. The heart, level of understanding, and commitment she put into her work was evident from our first point of contact. We felt as though we were her soul (yes, that kind of soul) focus. We are extremely blessed to have connected with her when we did. It was a time of extreme grief, shock, and sadness. Tamara was able to bring the light and answers we needed.