Sacred space is all around us, in every single circumstance and situation. It permeates the physical realm and is ready and waiting to be recognized and engaged. We can call on it at any time; it is always present and available to us.

There are many reasons to request a space clearing, and they are as personal and individual as those having the space cleared. Some of the intentions I've addressed include: blessings for the opening of a new shop; a desire to claim back a feeling of connection to one's land; letting go of a loved one who was ill or passed away in one's home; preparation to sell a home; a recent move into a new home; a wish to bring fresh energy into one's life; gaining clarity and breaking away from old patterns and feelings of being stuck.

Space clearing is the process of invoking the spiritual realm into our lives in a way that is greatly beneficial and that often leads to transformative and lasting results. It can restore a sense of wonder and make us feel more connected to our own sacred presence. It can help us see the space around us as a living entity with its own wisdom. And it can increase our ability to interact with the space around us in ways that are more intentional and inspired.

Each space clearing that I engage in begins with an in depth interview to discuss your hopes and wishes for the clearing as well as a walk through of the space. Then I complete two or more distance clearings over the next few days where I "virtually" visit your space along with my guides and begin the clearing work from afar.  Next, I arrive back at your physical space to do the on site clearing for which you remain present, if possible. I close with a blessing ceremony for you and your space. I then spend an hour or more sharing the information that was communicated to me during all of the clearings. This can provide you with the opportunity for insights to surface and to be shared in a way that promotes clarity and healing. A few days later, I check in by phone to see how things are going and to hear about anything that has come up as a result of the clearing. On some occasions, I may return to the space through a distance visit in light of our conversation. I then detail the highlights of the clearing in writing, including suggestions that may have come up about moving forward.



Tamara came to clear and bless the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine's (ChIME's) new office and classroom the day before classes were to begin in the fall. With great care, she spent time in every room, then carefully walked the staff through and made amazing recommendations on how we could enhance each area to ensure that the students  knew that we cared both for the space and for them. Tamara has a gift that goes beyond her own ability to clear and care for spaces. She helps us understand why we should all care about our environment, and with great reverence honors all spiritual energy. Her influence remains long after she has gone.
— Angie Arnt

I feel blessed to have had Tamara clear the space in my house and in my studio (the room where I live and work). I've lived in the house, where I raised my four children, for more than 30 years. I needed to let go and move on. But I could not find the energy to do what needed to be done. The experience with Tamara was utterly authentic, deeply calming, and centering. After the first visit and before the ritual at the house, I went back to my studio and with astounding energy, cleaned and organized an enormous mess. Then I worked with my son and his family to clear out the basement. I am convinced that it was because of Tamara's work that I could could do it. I cannot begin to say how wonderful that felt. There was something sacred in the experience that remains and continues to support me in my writing, teaching and basic vitality. 
— Arline Saturdayborn

It’s hard to get into words what an incredible experience Tamara’s energetic space clearing was. All I can say is it was more than I ever imagined. It started with identifying objects, like two “angry” chairs in the basement and a fancy sports car, both of which were holding or blocking energy. Within a year the chairs were happy upstairs in the living room and the sports car had found its way to a friend, who loved it. Also within a year, I made the decision to buy a house in New Mexico. I am convinced that the space clearing had cleared the way for that to happen. The process seems magical and sacred, and I feel very grateful to Tamara for this practice. I can’t thank her enough. 
— Joan Uraneck

We engaged Tamara soon after moving into our house and found her work to be a powerful and moving experience that truly shifted the house to our home. Tamara's approach is highly personalized and caring. She is centered and kind in her communications and both intuitive and knowledgeable in her work. She gave us great suggestions and useful tools for improving our connection with the land and house, and she provided thoughtful follow-ups as well.  We highly recommend Tamara's services to anyone looking to clear away lingering energy or build a strong bond with a space.
— Jason and Sarah Palumbo

I am a psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, and a teacher of shamanism. When any of my clients or students asks for help with space clearing, I refer them only to Tamara. She deeply connects with the spirits of places and objects, hears their stories, and assists these spirits if they need to transform or transition. The feedback for her work is ceaselessly glowing. People report feeling deeply moved and healed. Also, a wonderful way to say hello or goodbye to a residence.   I highly recommend Tamara’s work!  
— Kaye Lawrence

Selling a house is always stressful. Combine that with relocating to another state, and it can really challenge your coping skills. Enter Tamara…with her calm, her smarts and her intuitive talents. Even on her first walk through, we instantly felt the change of energy in our home. After she completed the clearing (leaving sweet rose petals in some key places!) two things happened. First, we literally had a signed contract within five days—no joke! But perhaps more importantly, we started to relax about our transition. Needless to say, we’re big fans of Tamara Pride! 
— Patty and Danny O'Donnell